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House Moving Procedures

Please note that your house moving project is unique and the following is intended as a general guide only. Please call us with any specific questions.

Permits Required for House Moving

Typical Client Responsibility:

  • Health Permits for well & septic field (if not on City Sewer & Water)
  • Building Permit at new location
  • Demolition / Move Off Permit at old site & services disconnected.

*If you are buying a house from somebody else ensure that they have a "Demolition / Move Off Permit" and they have disconnected all services.

Typical House Mover Responsibility:

  • Road Use Permits
  • Mover coordinates with utility companies as required, however customer is liable for utility company fees

It may be necessary for local utility companies ( telephone, electrical, cable, etc.) to escort the move to deal with overhead obstructions, or to supervise our transporting of your house in the proximity of their equipment. The fees for these services are not included in our prices. You will be invoiced for our services only, with no mark up for our coordination with outside entities. We will provide you with copies of the utility company invoices upon receipt. Because of regular lengthy delays in utility company billing, we will invoice you the estimated costs at the time of the move and refund or surcharge the balance upon final receipt of invoice from the utility company.

Lifting / Elevation

RJLS Construction Inc. dba Fresno House Movers can lift a Residential or Commercial Structure to varying heights. Please be advised, as there are aesthetic, economic, and compliance restrictions. The design of the blocking and support cribs are individually engineered per project, tailoring a layout that encompasses the blocking and support cribs, forging a structural support system for various amounts of weight. In conjunction with our Unified Hydraulic Jacking System, we are able to lift a structure of disproportionate weights evenly. This application allows RJL Fresno to deliver service in a manner consistent with each project and the client's pragmatic concerns.

During a lift, it is possible to incur minor flaws within the structure due to the state of the prior foundation and framing, as the structure has become accustomed to its original footprint and settling thereof. Some possibilities are listed below.

  • Aesthetic Cracking (drywall, lath and plaster, stucco)
  • Tile Surfaces
  • Landscaping (property and foundation access)

However, our insurance includes the most comprehensive coverage available, including liability.

Lowering / Elevation Restoration

During this process, the Unified Hydraulic Jacking System is instituted in conjunction with the removal of the structural support system to allow the structure to be positioned appropriately to accommodate the new footprint.